How Much Does an Immigration Solicitor Cost in London?

A solicitor can either make or break a situation for you. First finding a good immigration solicitor and then the one you can afford is another struggle. We are here to give you an idea of how much an immigration solicitor costs according to the visa type. This will help you to calculate the cost and arrange the money as well. Typically the fees for the immigration solicitor goes up if your case is complex such as when you have a criminal record or some issues with showing your finances. 

Visit Visa to the UK

For your visit visa to the UK it can cost around  £500- £2,000. The total payment will be calculated by the solicitor, which will depend on the work done by him. 

If the solicitor is just discussing your case and giving you advice then the cost will be very low but if the solicitor is filing an application on your behalf and gathering all the paperwork then the cost will rise. So the more work done by the immigration solicitor the more you have to pay. 

Immigration solicitor

Business Visa to the UK (Entrepreneur)

If you are planning to go to the UK for business purposes then the fee of an immigration solicitor will be £5500 – £7500. The fee for the solicitor can go up if the documents are missing. If the business plan is missing then the immigration solicitor will guide you and give advice regarding the business plan. Also if the family members’ immigration is also required then the fee will go up again for each family member whose immigartion documents are given. 

The fee can also be decreased if the application and required documents are already prepared, again the fee mainly depends on the work done by the solicitor. 

Sole Representative Visa 

For the sole representative visa the fees range from £6000 to £7500. The fee depends on the work done by the solicitor that can include advice, guidance, checking documents as well as collecting the documents on your behalf doing almost all of the work. 

Spouse Visa to the UK

If the spouse is applying for a visa of their wife or husband the fees of the immigration solicitor starts from £2000. The fees go up if a child’s visa is also applied or of any other family member then the fees for each member will be around £600.


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