Employment Law in London plays a very important role both for the employer and employees. The laws are in place so both parties can proceed with daily business and affairs related to the organization without any unfair conduct.

Julia and Rana Solicitors have a team of lawyers that advises employers from a range of sectors for any kind of business. We have been affiliated in the proper advisory to the HR departments of different professional services and incorporations.

For employers, it is very important that they understand every aspect of Employment Law in London to work it as a favor for their organizations. There are many places where you can minimize your losses and grow your business with the right employment policies in place.

Employment Law

Most of our clients use our partner-led personal service which can be very effective for recognizing a specific organization’s real issue. Based on this our team helps devise a strategy that can effectively guide you for a better work environment and a good workflow.

Our services include:

  • Employment Contract
  • Service Agreement
  • Policy Preparation
  • Worker Status and Atypical Workers’ rights advising
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Guidance
  • Securing Employee Business Confidentiality
  • Customer Information Protection
  • Workforce Rights Management in case of Redundancy
  • Dismissal and Employment Termination
  • Employee Shareholding
  • Directors Duties
  • Tribunal Statutory Rights

For those seeking full guidance and assistance in the fields of Employment Law in London, Julia and Rana Solicitors has the best interest at heart for our clients. We make sure we achieve anything you require legally and find solutions to otherwise unsolvable problems in the employment sector.