UK is one of the countries in the world that gets applications for a lot of immigrations and for those who are granted an immigration need a place to live. This in turn means more tenants and landlords in the UK. Both parties need to be aware of the rights they have and the laws that are in place to protect them in case of unlawful residence or eviction.

With Julia and Rana Solicitors, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, your rights will be clear to everyone. We are experts in Landlord/Tenant Law in London and make sure our clients are not in anyway subject to any unlawful dispute.

We offer full guidance in the following sectors:


  • Writing up tenancy agreements
  • Break clauses
  • Swift eviction of tenants
  • Complying with statutory regulations
  • Tenants deposit scheme
  • Rent recovery and enforcement


  • Representation at court for unlawful eviction
  • Enforcing your legal rights in relation to possession and notice