How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer Cost In The Uk?

Immigration solicitors handle all the legal issues that are related to immigration and nationality. The work they do is that they help in filling visa applications to family members to apply for another family member or help students as well as help businesses that secure immigration status for their employees.

Hiring an immigration lawyer is very important because he handles your case well, there are no mistakes in your visa application so the chances of getting the visa are also increased. 

We are here to give you a rough estimate of how much an immigration lawyer costs according to the visa type. Normally the fees for the immigration lawyer increase if your case is complex such as when you have a criminal record or some issues with finances. 

Cost in the UK

Student Visa

For the student visa application and process the immigration lawyer costs around £2100 – £3500. The average time taken for the process to be completed takes around 2-3 weeks. Your fees might reduce when you prepare and file the application yourself and the lawyer handles other tasks.  

Visit visa as a parent to the child in school

The parents whose child is studying in the UK, so want to come and meet their child in the UK. This visit visa costs around £2400 – £4000, depending on the work done by the lawyer for your visa process and application. Your costs will be lower if you prepare your application yourself and just get the supporting documents from the lawyer. 

Business Visa to the UK (Entrepreneur)

The business visa to the UK for an entrepreneur will be around £5500 – £7500. If the business plan is missing then the immigration lawyer will advise you regarding the business plan and prepare other documents so the costs of the immigration lawyer will increase. Also if the family members’ immigration is also required then the fee will go up again for each family member whose immigration documents are given. 

Business Visa to the UK (Sole Representative Visa)

A sole representative visa is given to those who plan on extending their business into the UK. The immigration lawyer fees for a sole representative visa is estimated at around  £6000 – £7500. If the application is filled by you and the remaining documents are prepared by the lawyer then the price will go up. 


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