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The Services We Provide

Pro-bono services

In recent years, United Kingdom's immigration laws have become stricter and complex. Immigration rules get frequently changed and a minor mistake can be drastic as right to appeal has been taken back in many categories. Our solicitors are well-versed and updated in the Immigration Rules and have plethora of experience in representing clients in cases. We offer immigration advice and services in relation to:
• Tier 1 General Extension applications
• Tier 4 Student Visas
• Naturalisation, Asylum and Human Rights applications
• Appeal preparations
• Court representations
• Judicial reviews

• Entrepreneur Visas
• Investor Visas
• Tier 2 (General & ICT) Visas

• Tier 2, 4 and 5 Sponsor License Applications
• Training and Consultancy relating to UK Immigration Law

• EEA Family members, extended family members in-country and out-country applications
• EEA Registration applications
• EEA 4 Permanent residence applications

If you are an employee who wishes to claim against their employer because you feel you have been mistreated, Julia and Rana Solicitors are here to guide you through the process. We are also able to help you if you are an employer who is seeking legal advice to cover all their legal grounds.  Some of the Employment Law services that we cover are:
• Unfair or wrongful dismissal
• Discrimination at workplace on grounds of protected characteristics such as race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental challenges and religious and political affiliations
• Redundancy
• Workplace victimisation and bullying
• Settlements
• Contracts and agreements in relation to employment

People can find themselves locking horns over issues that can be negotiated and resolved without going through court procedure. Most of these disputes can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution. In cases where a result is not possible without recourse to the court, our Civil Litigation services offer client representation in courts. [Read more] Our solicitors have both in and out of court experience when it comes to dealing with these issues relating to civil litigation. We offer a cohesive and step-by-step guidance and representation. Few of the services we offer are:
• Commercial Disputes
• Contractual disputes
• Money & Debt Disputes
• Insolvency
• Bankruptcy
• Recovry Claims

  •  Writing up Tenancy Agreements
  •  Break clauses
  •  Swift Eviction of Tenants
  •  Complying with Statutory Regulation
  •  Tenants Deposit Scheme
  • Rent recovery and enforcement

Representation at Court for unlawful eviction

Enforcing your legal rights in relation to Possession and  Notice

In modern family law issues there are situations where parties want to secure their rights. At Julia and Rana Solicitors, we aim to address the legal issues with a focus on the sensitivities of our clients. We understand the delicacy of these cases and approach them with full understanding and professionalism. Some of our services include:

• Divorce
• Separation
• Pre and Post-Nuptial agreements
• Contact
• Non-molestation orders
• Residence and prohibitions orders
• Injunctions